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Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots Six Hundred Years Ago, Walter Bower Set Out To Record The Known History Of The Irish And Scottish People Drawing On Records From The First Millennium AD, The Astounding Account He Wrote Maintained That The Irish And Scottish People Were Descended From Queen Scota, Who Was An Egyptian Princess It Is From Scota And Her Husband Gaythelos That The Names For The Scottish And Gaelic People Were Derived It Has Generally Been Assumed That This Account Is Mythological However, Ellis Has Amassed Sufficient Evidence To Demonstrate That It Is True History, And That The Irish And Scots People Were Descended From A Daughter Of Pharaoh Akhenaton.

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    I am a truth seeker and this one is great Ralph s research is impeccable I like the way he delves into the ancient records and pieces together the context between current ideas and past records.

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