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Cat-Tales Book 1 Book 1 Of The Meta Fic Fanfiction Series By Chris Dee.Contains A Girl S Gotta Protect Her Reputation The Stories About Catwoman Are Getting Out Of Hand.Normal After REPUTATION Bruce Selina Try To Make Sense Out Of Their Relationship.Heard The Latest Bruce Selina Aren T The Only Gothamites With Private Lives Between The Panels.Catfight You Know What A Catfight Is, Right Picks Up Where NORMAL Left Off.Such An Idiot It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Batman Realized The Implications Of His New Girlfriend S Criminal Connections.Domestic Affairs Man Does Not Live By Crimefighting Alone.Fun N Games Bruce Wayne S Catwoman Fantasy Comes To Life Because Giovanni D Annunzio Is A Snob, The Velkstad Ballet Is A Bore, And Joker Is Downright Insane.Plan 9 From The Demon S Head Smart Demon, Foolish Choices Satori A Romance Begins With Fun And Thrills, Even For Batman And Catwoman It Can T Last, Even For Batman And Catwoman Time For Angst.The R Word If A Certain Gothamite Has Really Reformed, There S Bound To Be Fallout.Watering Hole Where Do They All Get Those Wonderful Toys.We Gather Together Thanksgiving At Wayne Manor Knight Before Christmas You Think Mistletoe Can Be Deadly Stay Away From The Rumballs Times Gone By No One Could Foresee What Dick And Babs Engagement Set In Motion.

[KINDLE] ❂ Cat-Tales Book 1  Author Chris Dee – Chainnews.us
  • ebook
  • 265 pages
  • Cat-Tales Book 1
  • Chris Dee
  • English
  • 19 May 2019
  • 9781514343586

10 thoughts on “Cat-Tales Book 1

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    I m not big on comic books and this definitely reads a bit like a self insert wish fulfilment fic, but god dammit its fun to read Well written, witty and just the right amount of sexy Selina Kyle is a cat woman for the ages.

  2. says:

    What Selina Kyle should be funny, sexy, smart and the only kickass female able to go toe to toe with The Batman.

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