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Savannas Gift Savanna S Gift, By Camille Eide, Is An Inspirational Christmas Romance About Lost Love, Second Chances And Recognizing God S Gifts To Us, Set In An Elegantly Adorned, Rustic Ski Lodge In The Beautiful Evergreen Oregon Cascades Forced To Return To The Ski Lodge Where She Once Worked, Savanna Holt Is Reminded Of One Special Christmas And How Ambition Led Her To Make The Worst Mistake Of Her Life Leaving Luke Nelson Stunned To Discover Luke Never Left, But Worked His Way Up From Lift Operator To Manager, Savanna Sees The Opportunity As A Gift From God She S Determined To Win Luke Back But Luke Wants No Reminders Of His Past Hurt, Or A Relationship With The Woman Who Put Ambition Before Love.Can Savanna Convince Luke She S Changed And Her Interest Isn T Because Of His Position And When Her Dream Job Beckons, Will She Sacrifice Her Dream For A Second Chance At Love

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Savannas Gift  ✐ Author Camille Eide – Chainnews.us
  • ebook
  • 83 pages
  • Savannas Gift
  • Camille Eide
  • English
  • 02 April 2019
  • 9781611161359

10 thoughts on “Savannas Gift

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    So sweet I loved it I was trying to wait until next week to start any Christmas reads, but I bought the ebook today and made the mistake of glancing at the first page This little tale of delayed love perfectly captures the Christmas spirit and the whole spirit of giving Highly ...

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    Savanna s Gift is such a heartfelt gem of a story Since reading one of the author s full length novels, I ve been eager to read , and this sweet Christmas tale was a delightful way to relax after a long day The characters are endearing and have a realistic history that allows the story to progress naturally and not rushed as some novellas and short stories tend to be The setting is a l...

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    The description pulled me in Christmas read set in a Snow Ski Lodge Sounded idylic And thats exactly what it was Savanna is dropping her friends wee one of t o grandparents She spend the night in her ex s ski lodge, then gets snowed in it was a wonderful story Very heart warming With lovely chr...

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    4.50 stars pg13a Perfect Christmas setting vividly described by the author A snowbound, ski resort lodge in the Oregon mountains Festive twinkly lights The fragrance of fresh cut evergreen, wood smoke and Christmas spices Hot cocoa, cider and gingerbread Crackling, popping flames of a roaring fire in a massive stone fireplace sigh Please Can I go there Now Can I live there Pretty please b Where do I find a Hero with calm green eyes and a warm, amused smile Who prays And keeps a Bible at work And reads it And vows to love me like crazy for the rest of his life And can kiss like that phew, wait, I need to go stand outside in the snow to cool off Ok I want one of these heroes If I move to the lodge in Oregon, he ll be there waiting for me, right Please say yes c What a sweet story to start my Christmas reading this year Perfect Hallmark movi...

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    Probably my favorite thing about this story was Luke and Savanna s honesty with each other, even when it was painful Also, I appreciated the fact that Savanna regretted and recognized her error in having broken Luke s heart years before I enjoyed seeing all the circumstances and God moments that brought them back together, like the conversation with the Freedmans, who d never heard Savanna s story And little Mylie was just adorable 3The only thing that knocks my rating down a little is the emphasis on the characters physical attraction and romantic feelings for each other I d have liked a bit focus on their personalities, as opposed to the tingly feelings they had in each others presence There was quite a bit of kissing some rather long, if not overly descriptive , and it seemed like they pretty much couldn t keep their eyes off each others mouths Not inappropriate, just a bit too much for me.3.5 starsContent kissing romantic feelings between a couple one use of sexy magic use...

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    A sweet story The romance was a little shallow, but not so shallow that I hated it I liked how both characters saw God s redemption in their lives, but that theme wasn t overplayed The characters were endearing.

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    Well, gracious, that was cute In a charmingly written tale that reminded me of a Hallmark movie, this novella was sweet, touching, and heartfelt all in under 100 pages.Luke, Savanna, Mylie, and the Freemans were all such fun characters, each realistically done An...

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    I don t normally enjoy Christmas themed stories because some tend to be a bit sappy I don t get warm fuzzies from sentimental stories either This story wasn t sappy at all, and it truly warmed my heart For a shorter novel, I was impressed with how much depth the story had I read it quickly, but not because I skimmed through content There was too much good stuff to savor and digest I loved the conflict between the characters and the fact that the author laid a good foundat...

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    This story of second chance romance is so sweet and full of heart After hearing the engagement story of the grandparents Savanna knows in her heart that she must tell Luke everything from her past in order to find ...

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    It s interesting the effects relationships can have on people , as when one wants a career and wants to keep on moving to the top whereas the other one is comfortable and wants to cruise along , one cares about status the other happiness Reading this book to me brought up a few personal experiences as I have always been a bit like Savanna for my own reasons and I see my guy friend like Luke I have always been a sucker for romance stories and true love , love that no matter what happens never dies even though you may be miles apart and have time apart , through the trials and tribulations , you still hold a candle for the other person In Savanna s gift , we meet Savanna who has travelled up to the Evergreen lodge to take Mylie her four year old goddaughter to spend christmas with her grandparents as Mylie s mum Natalie is staying behind as her father is ill While at Evergreen lodge , Savanna runs into Lu...

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