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Not A Chance A Young Girl Craves Her Drunken Step Father And Every Saturday Night For Over A Year He Has Wondered Into Her Room, His Breath Stinking Of Scotch And His Body Filled With Lust Another Weekend Has Come Around Again And The Young Girl Can T Wait For Her Sexual Encounter From An Almost Abusive Yet Pleasing Step Father.Excerpt He Continued To Damage My Tight Inner Body, I Felt Like He Was Ripping Me In Two He Was Too Much For Me To Handle The Pain Was Growing At An Alarming Rate But Then He Hit That Spot Which I Needed Him To Touch And My Vision Began To Blur Even With My Eyes And Mouth Buried In The Soft Pillow I Could Feel The Room Spinning My Body Aching So Much My Body Wanting It S Sweet Release.The Pleasure Was Building And Building, I Felt Myself About To Burst I Tried To Grip Onto The Sheet Either Side Of Me With Both Hands But As My Skin Was About To Reach The Fabric I Climaxed All Over Richard Long Member He However Was Still Going, I Could Hear Him Laughing, Mocking Me For Not Lasting As Long As He Did.He Pulled Himself Out Of Me And Flipped My Almost Lifeless Body Over As I Tried To Catch My Breath, Resuming His Former Position Of Kneeling Above My Face Pleasuring Himself This Time, Looking At Me As I Panted Like A Dog On A Hot Summers Day.

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    A Cup of Coffee Hottest Erotic Short StoryI was pleasantly surprised after finishing this short The story truly displays the line between love and hate Angie assumed the feelings she had for her step father was pent up anger at him for destroying the family by sleeping with her best friend But what she finds out is that strong emotions and polar opposites can quickly shade into one another with little warning, ask Angie if you don t believe me.This was a very fulfilling story and I hate to admit I was breathing rather deep the whole time I was reading Some author s definition of...

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