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Musings of a 20-Something Mom, and the Perils of being a Mommy Blogger One Of The Largest Trends Among Moms Today Is To Jump On The Internet And Immediately Regurgitate All The Magical, Wonderful Things Their Child Has Done In The Past Two Hours To The First Unsuspecting Victim Moms Are Everywhere They Ve Even Taken Over Blogging Hundreds Of Blogs About How Fluffy Got His First Tooth, Or Muffy Said A New Word It S Enough To Make People Want To Vomit Sugar.I Ve Been Told That I M Not Your Typical Mom, And My Blog Is Not Your Typical Blog I Ve Even Been Called The Eminem Of Mommy Blogging , Honest, Blunt, And Usually Vulgar This Book Is My Experiences And Stories As I Ventured Through The Mommy Blogging World, Trying To Make Light Of Some Disgusting Situations, And It Wasn T Always Pretty I Had To Learn The Hard Way That Blatant Honesty May Not Always Be The Best Policy Not If You Want To Keep Your Kids Musings Of A 20 Something Mom Is A Lesson On How NOT To Blog, Unless You Want To Piss Off Your Friends, Family, And Get A Pack Of Crazies Chasing After You And A Reminder That When It Comes To Parenting, There S Always Going To Be Someone Out There Saying You Re Doing It Wrong

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    I thought that this book started off well I read the first few chapters very quickly, but was soon annoyed by the negative tone of it, as well as the lack of editing I m not a grammar nazi, but when there are so many capitalization and punctuation errors on each page, it distracts from the material It seems like it was published quickly and without any editing, which really cheapens the author s hard work.I understand what happened to the author, as far as the mom bullies are concerned, but I found myself wondering what their side of the story was The only reason I say this is because prior to reading the book I had liked her Facebook page and I had witnessed, on than one occasion, the way that she behaved when she received a bad review on this book, or on anything else she had written She tends to send her readers to argue, and as strange as it may sound, bully anyone who gives a negative review This is all quite hard for me to understand, since she promotes herself as a person who wants to end bullying, and is always saying that every person is entitled to their opinion and they should not be treated badly for disagreeing with something paraphrased , yet she seems to relish attacking anyone who disagrees with her point of view, or just genuinely dislikes her work Not everyone likes everything, and that is just a part of life, and definitely something that you have ...

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    Aside from the poor grammar, it s the negativity that put me off from the book I also felt that in some places the author was focussing too much in how different she is from other moms and moms to be with her excessive usage of unrefined language.The pa...

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    Great read about parenting truths No sugar coating, no bs Add a cautionary story about adult cyber bullying, and the troubles putting your private life on public display could cause, and it equals a honest, shocking, and most of all hilarious read.

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    The reason for my 1 star is because the book is supposed to be based on real life yet it is very far fetched and a far leap from the truth.

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    Musings of a 20 something mom and the perils of being a mommy blogger.The beginning of this book, i just found it brilliantly funny I normally read mainly crime fiction but fancied a bit of a change, and it certainly was different.No nonsense and told as it is a blogging mummy well it just seems the norm nowadays if you have something to say then blog about it.from the start I loved the straight forward say it as it is talk in this book, The humor was right up my street I found myself stopping to re read pars of this to anyone who was a bout and would listen I laughed out load and on than one occasion thought oh i like that saying, i ll remember that one then i d find another lol.As the book went on I found it a little repetitive in parts, but for something different to read it was an enjoyable easy read.Book descriptionOne of the largest trends among Moms today is to jump on the internet and immediately regurgitate all the magical, wonderful things their child has done in the past two hours to the first unsuspecting victim Moms are everywhere they ve even taken over Blogging Hundreds of blogs about how Fluffy got his first tooth, or ...

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    Though I don t have children of my own, I honestly loved the realness of this book Truthful, honest reactions to some of pregnancy and childhood s worst moments put many a smile on my face Even with all the unhappy moments, the author portrays both the good and bad of each situation Her off beat humor adds a bit of comic relief and makes the reader feel like an old friend catching up on all the gossip.Be warned There are a lot of entries about the various fluidy stages of pregnancy and child rearing From many poop stories to the description of actual childbirth, the author is no less funny or honest than in the rest of her blog entries Because I share a similar dark sense of humor, I caught myself laughing out loud a lot than I would have guessed.Overall, the book is a great read Not only does it provide a modern day way of looking at the prospect of chil...

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    To be honest I don t know how I came across Jenny s blog Probably from someone on Facebook I started to read it and liked the page I saw she wrote a book and wanted to read itnow I have.Some topics I feel like we connected on as mothers She really hoped and wanted a girl when she got pregnant I wanted a boy ...

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    I absolutely loved the REAL ness of this book Feeling the heartbreak and the fear as Jenny struggled to do what was right by her sick baby and the strength and courage she used to face the bullies who felt the need to try to break her I caught myself laughing and crying and relating to so many things she wrote about Jenny is an inspiration and a powerhouse that reaches other mothers out there who may be feeling a little overwhelmed with her humorous and coura...

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    This was free from Definitely not literature there is a difference between the meanings of then and than , but entertaining if you ve ever been mom to a baby or toddler The weird internet drama could have been skipped and made for a better book.

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    I loved this book She really tells it like it is Her family went through so much and for people to say its not funny they are lying I couldn t put it down at all I was laughing and crying through the whole thing I highly suggest everyone read this

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