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Relational Patterns, Therapeutic Presence The Introduction And The Twenty One Chapters In This Book Reflect The Ongoing Development And Refinement Of Relational And Integrative Psychotherapy Each Chapter Amalgamates Ideas From Several Theoretical Frame Works Client Centred Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Contemporary Psychoanalysis, And Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, As Well As Inter Subjective And Co Creative Perspectives.The Theory Of Life Script Serves As A Unifying Theme To Elaborate The Concepts Of Unconscious Experience, Attachment And Relational Patterns, The Essentialness Of Contact In Relationship, And The Centrality Of Relational Needs In The Practice Of Psychotherapy This Book Begins With Eight Philosophical Assumptions Essential In The Practice Of A Relational Psychotherapy Integrated Throughout The Chapters Is A Sensitivity To Both Normal Developmental Processes And The Psychological Compensations That Occur When There Has Been Prolonged Neglect And Psychological Trauma Several Case Presentations Illustrate The Use Of Phenomenological And Historical Inquiry, Developmental And Rhythmic Attunement, And The Importance Of Therapeutic Presence.

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