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The Eye of Zeus: Legends Of Olympus, Book OneMeet Phoebe Katz, A Twelve Year Old Foster Kid From New York City Who S Been Bounced Around The System Her Entire Life Things Happen Around Phoebe, But It S Not Like They Re Her Fault But When A Statue Of Athena Comes To Life, Phoebe Gets The Stunning News She S The Daughter Of Zeus, Has A Twin Brother Named Perseus And Was Sent Away From Ancient Greece As A Baby To Stop A Terrible Prophecy That Predicted She Would One Day Destroy Olympus Athena Warns Phoebe To Stay In Hiding, But When The Vengeful God Ares Kidnaps Her Beloved Social Worker, Phoebe Has No Choice She Has To Travel Back To Ancient Greece And Rescue Him There, Phoebe And Her Friends Angie And Damian Discover A New Prophecy, One That May Fix Everything The Catch Phoebe Has To Collect Talismans From Six Greek Monsters, Including The Fang From A Nine Headed Hydra, A Talon From The Nemean Lion, And A Feather From The Sphinx No Problem For A Girl With The Power To Call Up Lightning Bolts And Change The Weather But Can Phoebe Collect Them All And Stop The Prophecy Before She Destroys Olympus

[EPUB] ✰ The Eye of Zeus: Legends Of Olympus, Book One Author Alane Adams – Chainnews.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Eye of Zeus: Legends Of Olympus, Book One
  • Alane Adams
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9781684630288

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    Reviewed by K.C Finn for Readers FavoriteThe Eye of Zeus is an adventurous and fun work of children s fiction penned by author Alane Adams Set in the mythologically based fantasy genre, this novel forms the first book in the Legends of Olympus series Aimed at middle grade readers, our protagonist is the feisty twelve year old Phoebe Katz, for whom life hasn t been very lucky so far But when this precocious foster kid discovers that the reason she is fostered is because her father is actually the Greek god Zeus, the true adventure begins Phoebe and her friends embark on an epic and dangerous quest to fulfil an ancient prophecy and save her beloved social worker all at once.This is a seriously fun book for mythology fans old and young, as we rediscover the Greek gods and their wickedly powerful ways through a new viewpoint Phoebe is a modern heroine with true New York City grit, and it s this powerful personality which really gives the book its charm amid a genre that has a lot of similar stories The plot really takes off into the stratosphere with the six talismans challenge, and author Alane Adams pitches the action scenes with superb prose that is sharp and highly visual As readers experience the fantastic beasts and epic lightning fights, there s also a sensitive character arc developing for Phoebe and her young friends which is sure to build and grow as the series goes on Overall, The Eye of Zeus is a superb series starter from an accomplished author, and a highly recommended MG read.

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    I received this e ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Phoebe Katz, age 12, is a foster kid in New York City She was found as a baby on a bench outside a bus station Strange things happen around her, especially when she gets angry or upset After a disaster that Phoebe may or may not caused at school, she and her friends Damian and Angie meet the goddess Athena in a park Turns out that Phoebe is a daughter of Zeus, has a twin brother that she has never met, and was sent to the modern world to prevent a prophecy from coming true When Ares kidnaps her social worker, Phoebe and her friends go to ancient Greece to rescue him She must collect talismans from several monsters to hopefully prevent the destruction of Olympus Not an easy task but Phoebe, with her new found power of Zeus, is up for the challenge.This is the first book in the new Legends of Olympus series It is a different take on the Greek gods that many middle grade readers are used to Percy Jackson There is adventure, danger, riddles to figure out, and much on this quest I would definitely recommend this book for middle grades 3 6 EyeOfZeus Edelweiss

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    11 yo review POSSIBLE SPOILERS This book is about a young girl that has been in foster care all her life Her name is Phoebe Katz and she seems to have paranormal abilities.After a two headed dog appears at her school and a statue of Atlas starts talking to her, she realises something is up When her carer Carl is kidnapped, Phoebe has to destroy Olympus to save him.I thought the idea was a little done, orphan girl with power but doesn t know it, but as the book progressed, the plot became interesting, making the book enjoyable I loved the friendship between Macario and Phoebe plus her loyal friends Damian and Angie and how phoebe would do anything for Carl, the person who found her on the street I loved the characters in the story and found myself really connecting with them I also enjoyed the illustrations.4.5 5 stars

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    An entertaining read for loves of Greek myth Highly recommended.

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    Phoebe is the hero I ve been waiting for She ll have you cheering her on, along with her wonderful friends I can t wait for book 2

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