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The Immortal Hour Written In 1899 The Immortal Hour Is Moody, Dreamy Meditation On Life, Death, Love And Immortality Based Loosely On The Irish Myth The Wooing Of Etain, The Story Follows The Love Of A Mortal King, Eochaidh For An Immortal Fairy Woman Etain Who At The End Of A Year With Him Is Reclaimed By Her Immortal Lover, Midir Woven Though Out Is The Enigmatic And Dark Fairy Fool, Dalua, Who Stands On The Threshold Between The Worlds This Critical Edition Of The Immortal Hour Contains An Introductory Essay With A Biography Of The Author, Analysis Of The Play And The History Of Its Success As An Opera The Text Of The Play Itself Is Fully Annotated With The References To Celtic Mythology And A Comparison To An Earlier Publication Of It.

✅ The Immortal Hour  PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Fiona MacLeod – Chainnews.us
  • Paperback
  • 100 pages
  • The Immortal Hour
  • Fiona MacLeod
  • English
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9780981924649

10 thoughts on “The Immortal Hour

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    Fiona McLeod s classic is beautiful and haunting, if not exactly packed with action Some people will see that as a problem, but if you can get into the mood of the piece, then it s actually an asset, dwelling, as it does, in the quiet moments of mystical silence where magic often happens or feels most present the Immortal Hour, as it were If there is a flaw in the piece it s that, like many myth poetic works, time is spent establishing the world and the mythology of it than in the complexity or personalities of the people Each of the principal characters exists to fulfill a function, and each has plenty of beautiful poetry to speak, but only the King comes close to being anything like a recognizable human, and since he s the only human character of significance, that makes sense, but it could be a hindrance for anyone attempting to stage this lovely but ultimately rather slight play The right actors, of course, could make it work, and the right designers would have a field day with this, but in the end, it s probably a daunting project for anyone who isn t completely captured by the magic and has a clear vision of how to bring that magic to the stage As a side note, this particular edition comes with some really nice biogra...

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    Interesting play for anyone who loves meditative, full of symbolism and poetry literature Interesting rewriting of the well known myth which though maybe still was not as much known in MacLeod Sharp s days.

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    I can t give this than 3 stars for its own merits it doesn t have many but it deserves than I can ever give it for inspiring Rutland Boughton s superb opera of the same name.

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