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Mr. Neighborlys Humble Little Ruby Book An Up To Date Book On Ruby Programming, Written In A Style Described As A Beautiful Display Of Pragmatically Chunky Bacon, Wrapped In A Nutshell Or Something Like That.Mr Neighborly S Humble Little Ruby Book Covers The Ruby Language From The Very Basics Of Using Puts To Put Naughty Phrases On The Screen All The Way To Serving Up Your Favorite Web Page From WEBrick Or Connecting To Your Favorite Web Service Written In A Conversational Narrative Rather Than Like A Dry Reference Book, Mr Neighborly S Humble Little Ruby Book Is An Easy To Read, Easy To Follow Guide To All Things Ruby.

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    Jeremy McAnally, Mr Neighborly s Humble Little Ruby Book self published, 2006 If you ve been following my reviews for a while and if you haven t I fully understand , it should be obvious that I ve been ion a quest for a particular, and seemingly mythical, beast a Linux native language that is closely tied to web development and that uses strong typing I have a C.NET background, and I am afeared of the dynamic typing A few web savvy friends have recommended me a few languages, and I m checking out basic books on all of them I haven t found a the language I m looking for yet, but I m finding a bunch of ways to do interesting things Ruby is one of them, and the book I read was Mr Neighborly s Humble Little Ruby Book Which should not surprise you if you re reading this review.On the upside, this is a clear, concise, easy to understan...

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    Funniest programming book I ve ever read A great introduction to Ruby Chapters 0 3 plus 6 are the best.

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    Great introductory Ruby book Also quite fun Highly recommended

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    Of the Ruby books this is one of the better ones Reason 1 well written Reason 2 it s so thin compared to most of the bricks about the subject.

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    Really easy to understand and easy to follow due to the jokes the writer keeps on introducing throughout the book.

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