Free ↠ Lil Glimmer By Angela Muse –

Lil Glimmer Lil Glimmer Is The Story Of A Star Who Learns Patience And Sharing He Gets Frustrated When He Doesn T Get His Way, But In The End He Listens To His Mother And Realizes That Waiting And Taking His Turn Is The Right Thing To Do These Lessons Can Be Hard To Accept As A Toddler, But This Story Helped Me Illustrate The Principles Of Patience And Sharing To My Own Children Don T Be Afraid To Reach For The Stars Check Out The Nutt Family An Acorny Adventure Also By This Author.Show More Show Less

Free ↠ Lil Glimmer  By Angela Muse –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 37 pages
  • Lil Glimmer
  • Angela Muse
  • English
  • 13 January 2018
  • 9781449555979

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    This is just a perfect good night book to read to a busy toddler Especially to the one who protests going to bed The story has a gentle rhyme to it, so as you read it out loud it almost feels like you are singing a lullaby with a useful life lesson for the little one the stars sleep during the day and come out to play and shine at night, while people do the opposite Lil Glimmer is adorable and easy to love The illustr...

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    Lil Glimmer wanted to play when the sun was still up in the sky, but his Mommy said that it s time for little stars to sleep Stars play at night and day time is time for Lil Glimmer to go to bed Lil Glimmer didn t want to go to bed but he listened to his Mom and snuggled up in a cloud When it got dark Mommy star woke Glimmer up and said it was time to play Lil Glimmer played with the moon and rode a comet and realized his Mom was right, night time is the best time for a little star The Lil Glimmer story was very cute and the illustrations were simple but very nice I especially liked Mommy Star and her lipstick and necklace I think this book would be a great bed time story book for any kid There were not a lot of w...

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    What a lovely little children s book this is.The verses are smooth and flow well with a storyline that brought a smile to my face as well as the children that I read it to.The artwork is big, bright and captivating, and the creativity of the artist fully brings the characters of the story to life.I like the way that the author and artist have given personalities to...

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    My Review What a cute book about patience and learning how to share Glimmer the Star wanted to come out and play during the day but Mommy Star told Glimmer to wait for the darkness to come because it was the turn of the Sun to come out and play This is a fun book to read to your child during bed time The illustrations by James McCullough are bright and bold and help tells the story Disclaimer As per FTC guidelines, I received a copy of this book from the author in exc...

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    Lil Glimmer is a star that wants to play and his mom won t let him because it s daytime and he needs to be in bed.This book is really cute I read it to my three and five year old children and they both enjoyed it Even my son who is now reading chapter books enjoyed the rhyming and cute pictures I think I would have enjoyed it if I d had a paper book with color pages, but it didn t seem to bother the kids that it wa...

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    Lil Glimmer is an adorable children s story with easy to read rhythmical words and vibrant illustrations My children ages 6 and 7, boy and girl, respectively let me read it to them several times It s a fun story about sharing with others, listening to your parent, and going to bed The perfect ta...

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    Lil Glimmer is a very cute children s book about a star who is impatient for his turn to play His mother explains he must wait until nighttime when it is his turn, imparting a message of patience.My daughter 18 months really seemed to like the pi...

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    Free kindle download Super cute rhyming book and illustrations.

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