Read ✓ Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers By Eric Reitan –

Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured DespisersIs God A Delusionaddresses The Philosophical Underpinnings Of The Recent Proliferation Of Popular Books Attacking Religious Beliefs.Winner Of CHOICE 2009 Outstanding Academic Title Award Focuses Primarily On Charges Leveled By Recent Critics That Belief In God Is Irrational And That Its Nature Ferments Violence Balances Philosophical Rigor And Scholarly Care With An Engaging, Accessible Style Offers A Direct Response To The Crop Of Recent Anti Religion Bestsellers Currently Generating Considerable Public Discussion

Read ✓ Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers By Eric Reitan –
  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers
  • Eric Reitan
  • English
  • 19 March 2019
  • 9781405183628

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    Eric Reitan s Is God a Delusion is a great response to the so called new atheists Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Victor Stenger In Is God a Delusion , Reitan argues that what the new atheists attack is largely a straw man the new atheists attacks are aimed primarily at fundamentalist forms of religions, and Reitan argues forcefully that fundamentalist religion is really superstition and is not true religion at all.The superstitious fundamentalists worship god, not God they worship idols of their own ideologies Reitan is quite happy to skewer the narrow minded bigotry of such superstition Of course, since Reitan is a universalist arguing against the hideously despicable doctrine of eternal damnation , since he denies that any holy book is the infallible word of God, since he argues that homosexuality is not an abomination, since he readily embraces the fact of Darwinian evolution, since he argues that no one church is God s representative in this world, ma...

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    Over the last few years there have been many strident angry attacks on religions and belief in God Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion is a manifestation of a trend to view theistic religious belief as irrational and inherently evil Many within powerful religious organisations of our day have been almost as vitriolic in their rebuttals of the new atheists.This book is a powerful argument, rich in profound insight, and deep scholarship that points to a balanced position between the two extremes Using Schleiermacher s celebrated 19th century Speeches on Religion to its Cultured Despisers as a basis for his philosophical argument, Reitan posits a brand of theistic religion which both respects science and is able to work within its limits.Reitan does a great job of carefully and plainly dealing with many of the arguments raised against a theistic worldview, and handles the philosophical arguments against the existence of any theodicy raised by the atheists with his own well rounded philosophical argument that moderates and tempers the fundamentalist approach to certainty, an approach which the author claims cannot be supported by a simple definition of faith.The standout for me is the final chapter of the book in which Reitan launches ian attack on those who insist that religion is the cause of all the greatest evils in the world He argues that many far from positive traits of the human mind e.g a need for absolute certainty, a laziness i...

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    So why is your booky bud reading THIS And don t worry, this is a liberal of course academic type DEFENDING belief So what s with Mark Conversation at social gathering Oh, he s a SCIentist cue the clinking glasses and rolling eyes It s just HIM, you know Yes, this is kind of schoolish stuff, and you don t need it if you are devout and secure not like me This professor from Oklahoma State is not a snarling atheist or a screechy preacher He talks about those people, but this is calm Yes, reasonable, educated whatever that means people can believe please realize he is not saying that believers are uneducated He quotes famous philosophers and that kind of stuff Yes, God is about love and we aren t going to Hell No, my gay friends aren t going there either Yes, you can talk youself OUT of believing, but why I ve always enjoyed this kind of reading I work by the State Capitol and go to the state library This was in the Books f...

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    The author of this book uses philosophical arguments to poke holes in the aggressive atheists case against God He focuses particularly on Richard Dawkins and his book The God Delusion He pretty much eats Dawkins for lunch as far as I m concerned Particularly effecting is his explication of the simple question, Why is there something rather than nothing Why indeed Unfortunately, Reitan spends part of one chapter to explain why structured religious denominations that put stock in the concept of authority on the earth the Catholic church, specifically, but you could apply his arguments to my own faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the Mormons are somewhat misguided and infe...

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    his specific arguments against new atheists areOK, but his liberal presuppositions shine through, and that may actually be the strong point of this book, as many people would agree with him contra the Brites crowd if this were widely read but he is trenchantly on the Low Chris...

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    From LisaA philosophically sophisticated defense of theistic religion, responding to arguments of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens

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